Tony Thomas grew up in a small town in central Iowa and from his earliest memories, music and sound have always fascinated him. Moving from singing into to tape recorders to playing instruments in bands, his path was set even if he didn’t know it yet.

Upon graduating from college, he found himself living a life of music, playing in bands, as well as doing live sound and live recording throughout the south. It was during this time when he began to see his future and the recording bug bit him hard.

In 1996 after amassing an impressive home studio, he got his first professional engineering gig at Sunlite Music and Studios in Owensboro, Kentucky. Throughout the rest of the 90’s he maintained a busy schedule of studio dates and live sound gigs within Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Illinois and Indiana.

In 2001, after moving to the Seattle area and working in the audio/video industry, he began a partnership with Pacific Studios. The hectic little studio provided a wealth of experiences. Everything from local and regional musicians to audio production for small and large businesses alike. It wasn’t long until the space became too small and the hunt for a newer, larger facility was underway. April of 2002 saw the beginning of the new Pacific Studios while the old location continued to operate 7 days a week. 15 months later in July of 2003, the new facility was completed and opened for business. The new complex included 2 recording studios, video production, graphic design and duplication all under one roof.

Despite being involved in a successful studio, Tony and his wife longed to see the country and pulled up stakes and settled in a small shoreline town in Connecticut. This is where TNT Productions was originated in response to customer’s ever-changing demands for great quality audio and video services at fair prices. Not only that, but they didn’t want to be tied to a large expensive facility, so Tony created a network of professionals that can literally go anywhere to get a job done. Now based in sunny Tampa, Florida, the team can provide you with audio, video, live sound, event coordination…we can do it all!

The results? High quality and affordable pricing with people that pride themselves in their work. Everyone agrees, this is a glimpse into how it will be done in the future and the future is good!